Privacy Policy

Churchill Finance LLC (the “Churchill”) may collect non-public personal information about its customers and clients  as necessary to conduct business with our customers and clients.  Information collected may include public and non-public personal information, such as name, address, social security number, birth date, assets, income, credit history, and other financial information. This information is compiled from (i) applications or other forms, telephone, or face to face meetings; (ii) information about transactions between such persons and the Firm or other third parties (e.g., account activity, payment history, and balances); and (iii) other third-party sources (e.g., credit reporting agencies).  

Churchill restricts access to personal information to its personnel, its affiliates and affiliates’ personnel, its service providers and its outside counsel, auditors and other independent professionals who need to know that information.  Personal information is retained only for the purpose of providing a response to a customer inquiry and is not made available to any third party except as necessary to be disclosed for the purposes intended or as required to be disclosed under law.  

Churchill maintains, appropriate administrative, technical, and organizational controls to safeguard such personal information, although such safeguards may not prevent all breaches of information security.  If the security of personal information is compromised, the affected individuals will receive notice of the data security incident where required by and consistent with applicable law.  

The policy is effective as of the date of the Offering Memorandum.  If, at any time in the future, it is necessary to disclose any investor’s personal information in a way that is materially inconsistent with this policy, the Client, the Firm and the Administrator will give such investor written notice of the change and, where required under applicable law, obtain consent to such change.

By submitting data on our website, you are providing explicit consent to transmission of data collected on the website.

Churchill treats data as confidential within the firm and requires a strict adherence of all our employees to data protection and our confidentiality policies.

All visitors, however, should be aware that this website may contain links to other sites that are not governed by this or any other privacy statement.

Churchill reserves the right to amend (that is, add to, delete or change) the terms of this Privacy Statement from time to time.